Why Noon Artworks?

Do you not see the wood for the trees anymore? Are there too many trends for you and do you find it difficult to filter out which trends are now suitable for your company? Then Noon Artworks is what you are looking for!

We have already done the preliminary work for you. Visiting important trends seminars, isolating all artworks and shooting high resolution photos. Moreover, we have also elaborated the trends in complete prints, both panel and repeat.

How does it work?

you can sign up for a quarterly subscription. Every quarter a new trend theme comes at your disposal. You will receive a link or you can log on to our website.
Each theme is very user-friendly, very much on topic and commercially usable.

What do I get exactly?

First you get a short, but clear explanation of what the theme is devoted to.
The theme then falls from one in three sub-themes.
In total you will receive the following every quarter:

– 12 illustrations – 64x64CM 250DPI.
– 12 photos 64x64CM 250DPI.
– 12 prints, Panel 100x100CM 250DPI or seamless repeat 64x64CM 250DPI.
– Trend colors including pantone numbers.

What are the costs?

Per quarter you pay an amount of  €1500, this amount may also be paid in three installments.
When you take a year’s subscription, you get a discount of 15% on the total amount.


Ambiance: Opulent – Decadent – Exotic

This theme has a warm and luxurious look. It is inspired by the old orangery, these were built to show off expensive and exotic trees and plants that were transferred from distant countries and colonies.

Elements: Exotic Plants –exotic  Flowers – exotic  Animals


Ambiance: Hand-made – Rustic – Comfortable

This theme has a traditional feel with attention for raw materials such as linen, wood, knitted fabrics and coarse structures. This atmosphere stems from the national trend that we have seen a lot in recent years. But now more attention is being paid to the material, quality and uniqueness. The style is a mix of Scandinavian simplicity, Japanese harmony with a country feel.

Elements: Structures – Imperfection – Origin of natural elements

Revive extinction:

Ambiance: Return to sender – Sober – extraordinary

Attention for nature, we should cherish and appreciate it more, that is what this theme is about. Historical objects, fossils, stuffed animals, insects are taken home and exhibited as a sort of museum.

Elements: Extinctive flora & fauna – Fossils – Pen drawings

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