Our services

Designs and collections

Our creative team can develop all sorts of designs. We also specialize in developing comprehensive commercial collections. In cooperation with our costumers we create themes by using the current colours, styles and trends.

La Terzi offers a service for designs in the following products, which can be extended further to your needs:

  • Bedlinen
  • Wallcovering
  • Carpets
  • Kitchen & Outdoor
  • Stationery
  • Napkins
  • Canvas
  • Many more



Besides designing we also provide complete concepts for several product groups. We specialize in developing comprehensive commercial collections, in cooperation with our customers we create themes by using the current colours and style trends.


(re)styling for existing and new brands

Furthermore, we restyle existing brands by developing a new image. We create a new brand experience by using our knowledge in different areas such as photography, videography, styling and marketing.


Styling consultancy

Because we house many experienced styling experts, we’ll happily offer styling advice for your collection and/or products.


Creating a new brand experience  

After evaluating a current collection and it’s targeted group we pitch a plan for a new concept to improve the existing image and collection. By using moodboards we define the direction for a new collection. In cooperation with our customer we decide the final direction, and start creating designs. These designs then become a full concept or collection, which will be even more appealing to the end consumer.


Brand and Licenses
La Terzi has developed its own successful brands, Melli Mello, So Cute and Suela Home. For these brands, we provide licenses for several product groups and countries. We strive to great partnership and provide all necessary services to make these brands a great success, in cooperation with our partners.