So Cute is a designer brand that gets spring into your house year-round. Spring is considered the most cheerful and youthful season. We increasingly see the return of pastels in the interior, even in the dark winter months. The freshness and soft pastels of blossom trees and budding flowers create a dreamy feel. The styles of So Cute range from a romantic fantasy world to the serene beauty of a blooming flower. So Cute plays with the blurring of boundaries between the fantasy world and reality. The colour palette consists of pastels with heavenly blue and soft pink, combined with intense fuchsia and magical turquoise.



So Cute’s biggest inspiration is the feeling of spring. The first ray of sun on your face and the tenderness of rose petals that stroke your skin give the ultimate feeling of happiness, which you can only feel in spring or summer. This lovely feeling is elaborated in the use of soft colours combined with bright whites, this combination makes the brand both classic and modern and assures timeless collections.

The global fashion trend in which pastels are not indispensable is also a great inspiration. This trend is combined with another major trend; the use of watercolours. Water colouring is a colour technique that gives a creative and dreamy feel, because of the vivid use colours instead of the standard flat colours.

These trends are combined and developed by using lots of flowers in a dusty colour palette combined with crisp white and some bright colour accents. The colours represent femininity and romance and add the summer and spring feeling.



“Spring Feelings & Blissful Memories”


So Cute: for a fresh and comfortable interior


So Cute is developed for women who love the feeling of spring and pastels. These colours provide guidance in her life. They always come back; from her clothes to her lifestyle and interior. She is very feminine and very well maintained. She likes freshness and comfort, which is reflected in her personality and in her interior. She always has fresh flowers in her house. After a busy day, she can unwind in her soft and stylish environment.