The word Suela is derived from Spanish and means consolation, which is represented in the brand for comfort and warmth, important components of Suela Home. It also has a strong connection to the Arabic word Suhela, meaning star. This represents the quality guaranteed by our brand.



The city of Valencia is the biggest source of inspiration for Suela Home. It’s gorgeous streets where revolutionary modern buildings collide with nostalgic architecture forms the foundation of all collections. The fusion of the past, present and future is shown by the designs where graphic prints are combined with poetic images of flowers and plants. The use of greyed colours and natural tints in combination with an angelic white make a unique pallet of colours. This pallet also emphasises the collision of modern and contemporary, which is characteristic for the timeless appearance of Suela Home.    


“Embrace a touch of history and a glimpse of the future. Be timeless.”


Suela Home: for a timeless and serene interior


The products of Suela Home are established for people that value a homey feel with lots of luxury and warmth. Much attention is given to decorating a home, with an eye for detail. In our busy lives our homes are our sanctuaries, where peace and calmness is found. People can unwind because of a natural colour pallet in a fully equipped residence.



Waking up in a luxurious, modern hotel in a Mediterranean city on a Sunday morning, while looking out on a classic building, dreaming away with a warm cup of fresh coffee in your hand. Suela Home creates this ultimate feeling in your own home.

Besides the blend of old and new, comfort and warmth are the most important components of Suela Home. This combination makes sure the products come to their own in a luxurious penthouse as well as in a rustic country house.